Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Sophie's Universe - "Poppies by the Sea" Part 4

Hi, Everyone,

Welcome to Part 4 of the Sophie's Universe I have crocheted entitled "Poppies by the Sea".
This pattern was designed by Dedri Uys of Look at what I made.

Part 4 consists of Rounds 26-36.
Have a look at my version.

The more I work on this piece, the more I absolutely LOVE it!

Have fun creating!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Sophie's Universe - "Poppies by the Sea" Part 3

Hi, Everyone,

Welcome to Part 3 of the Sophie's Universe I have crocheted entitled "Poppies by the Sea".
This pattern was designed by Dedri Uys of Look at what I made.

Part 3 consists of Rounds 16-25.
Have a look at my version.


There are YouTube videos as well for each Part of Sophie's Universe.  They are extremely helpful.
I'm loving how "Poppies by the Sea" is turning out!

Have fun creating!

Monday, December 5, 2016

Sophie's Universe - "Poppies by the Sea" Part 2

Hi, Everyone,

Welcome to Part 2 of the Sophie's Universe I have crocheted entitled "Poppies by the Sea".
This pattern was designed by Dedri Uys of Look at what I made.

Part 2 consists of Rounds 9-15.
Have a look at my version.


Usually I find crocheting very relaxing, but with this pattern you actually have to count and pay attention so you don't make mistakes and have to rip your stitches.  Even so, this pattern is very beautiful.  If you get a chance, go on Pinterest and see all the different colour variations out there.

Have fun creating!

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Sophie's Universe - "Poppies by the Sea" Part 1

Hi, Everyone,

It has been quite a while since my last post.

I'm so very fortunate to have 3 grandsons and to be able to spend time with them.  I am cherishing every moment.  Austin is now 4 years old, Simon is now 5 months old, and Sawyer is now 2 months old.

I surf Pinterest every morning over a pot of coffee and have come across quite a few things I would like to make.  One of them is a called Sophie's Universe.  Sophie's Universe is a continuous square blanket.  It was designed by Dedri Uys of Look at what I made.  I found her at  She offers it as free pattern downloads on her blog.  Pinterest is full of different coloured Sophie's Universe blankets.    Colour really does make a difference in what stitches are highlighted or jump out at you when you look at it.

This is my version of Sophie's Universe entitled "Poppies by the Sea".  I have finished Part 4.

I love seeing the progression of my work in photos.  You can really see how a piece evolves this way.  

There are 20 Parts to this pattern.  Today we are going to look at Part 1, which consists of Rounds 1-8.  Below are my photos of "Poppies by the Sea".


I combined various Size 4 yarns to get the "Poppies by the Sea"colour palette I wanted to achieve.  They are:

Caron Cakes - shades of aquas, teals and turquoise cut and separated into their 5 different shades.
Vanna's Choice - white, raspberry, scarlet, cranberry, purple, and aqua
Patons Decor - Frond
Patons Canadiana - Teal Heather

Tomorrow I will be posting Part 2.

Have fun creating!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Vintage Piano Scroll Layout

Hi, Everyone,

"Always & Forever my grandsons you'll be . . ."

Why limit yourself to scrapbook layouts in albums?  To me, layouts are pieces of art.  They can be permanent or interchangeable pieces of art (because we only have so much space).

The piece below is mounted on a vintage piano scroll and is permanent.  There is no reason why I could not have made it interchangeable so I could swap out or change the layout monthly or as often as I wanted to.

Below are closeup photos of the piano scroll from top to bottom.
I have incorporated my love of embroidery into this piece.  The title "Always & Forever" was hand stitched on ivory aida cloth.  

The letters "a" and "f" were created from the same paper I used in the layout.

Years ago I purchased a package of chipboard alphabets a-z that came on 2 12x12" sheets.  The patterned paper was so ugly, but I loved the font style so I bought them.  In this layout, I traced the 2 letters onto the paper I liked and cut them out with scissors.  By doing this, you can create your own letters from any paper you wish to match your project.

The other writing was also hand stitched onto vintage linen and aida cloth.

I usually mount my photos on black cardstock to make them stand out, but this time I chose black tags folded over and secured with metal photo anchors and screw brads.  There are also metal tabs and hearts for each grandson:
1st  Austin
2nd  Simon
3rd  Sawyer

I chose a scenic patterned paper for the bottom of the scroll. The diamond/square pattern was cut along the design, and all other papers were torn and glued onto the scroll with sookwang tape.  It is expensive compared to other tapes, but it actually lasts the test of time (16 years and counting).

After the layout was completed, I took a black Sharpie Pen and drew some hand stitching along the edges of the torn/cut paper to move your eye through the layout.

I love how this piece turned out, so if you get a chance check it out in person at Treasured Memories in Edmonton.

Have fun creating!

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Primitive Embroidery - Mounted on a Vintage Piano Scroll

Hi, Everyone,

What's a girl to do when she has lots of Vintage Piano Scrolls?  Well . . . create Art out of them, of course!

Below is the rolled out Piano Scroll revealing the Primitive hand embroidery.

I started out my fabric collage with a base of light weight polka-dot denim cut into 6 pieces for ease of sewing.  Then I cut white batten burg lace and 3 batik cotton fabrics into various sizes and laid them out flowing into one another.

I cut up a crochet doily and added them to the collage as well.  The Embroidered Art was hand stitched on while the remaining pieces were machine stitched on to the denim polka-dot base.

A white/blue cotton fabric was sewn onto the Vintage Piano Scroll to give it strength.
The polka-dot bases were then machine sewed onto the Piano Scroll below.

When it was all completed I was very happy with the results.

It is proudly displayed on a bookshelf tied with a bow, for me to enjoy anytime.

This project was fun to hand embroider and easy to sew on the machine.
I am very pleased how it turned out.

Art takes many forms.
Fabric and paper work well together . . . mount it on a Vintage Piano Scroll and it is a beautiful piece of Art.

Have fun creating!